A gantry crane is a structure that is used to straddle an object. Its main work is to lift very heavy objects and is divided into various types. A rubber tyred gantry crane is a crane one of the types of this crane. It is used to either ground or stack containers that are due for being picked up or stored for future use. Being huge, the rubber tyred gantry crane has been customized to ensure it carries multiple containers. This is because of its availability to have multiple lanes. It can be used in areas that require wide appliance.

Rubber tyred gantry cranes are powered by gensets. These are diesel generated systems that use fuel to run the cranes. The cranes consume a lot of energy as the handle very heavy objects in their day to day work. They use energy kilowatts that are up to 600. For most machinery, an energy grid is required in order to transmit the used up energy after the machines activity is completed. This ensures that the machine does not accumulate a lot of energy and in the end will break down in the process.

rubber tyred gantry crane

rubber tyred gantry crane

Accumulation of this energy fastens the wear and tear of the rubber tyred gantry crane therefore. The crane does not have an electricity grid to dump its energy after using it in the lifting and offloading of the containers. Due to lack of this grid, the rubber tyred gantry crane has been equipped with large resistor packs that absorb the energy used in the lifting and placing of the containers. The resistor packs dissipate the energy as the crane is offloading the containers. This ensures that the energy supposed to go to the electricity grid is broken down and hence does not accumulate. Therefore, protecting the crane from wear and tear or even breaking down.

Application of Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane

Rubber tyred gantry cranes are mostly used in the intermodal industry. This is the industry involving containers and their transportation. This is bulky and hence the use of cranes makes work easier. The intermodal industry has a lot of customers and is one of the oldest means of goods and product movements. It is done in bulk and therefore takes a considerable amount of time. This industry is used in product transportation of all products. Whether bulk or light, intermodal means may be used to transport them. If you would like to know more about the rubber tyred cranes, you can just open this page as you need https://www.ellsencranes.com/rubber-tyred-gantry-crane/.

Apart from the intermodal industry, these cranes can also be used in other areas such as building and construction industry. The cranes can be used to erect the large structures that are normally unbalanced. Due to their make and structural adjustments, the cranes can manage to erect these structures easily and safely. The cranes can also be used to assemble the large manufacturing components. These are normally very huge and require large machinery like the rubber tyred gantry crane to operate. Also, the cranes can be used for positioning of the pipelines. Their ability to handle bulky goods plays a major role in all the activities it can do. Ellsen provides various types of cranes and other lifting equipment, if you need a crane, winch or hoist solution, just visit the website https://www.ellsencranes.com/.

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