The best gantry cranes tend to be those that are heavy duty. They can lift hundreds of tons, and are extremely sturdy. Used on shipping yards, and even inside warehouses, they are one of the more popular units. The reason they are called heavy duty as they can handle a large amount of weight. They will come equipped with trolleys allowing you to shift the loads from side to side. You can get great deals on them, but you need to know where to look. To get the best heavy duty gantry crane for the lowest possible price, these suggestions will help you locate some of the best ones on the web.

Heavy Duty Gantry Crane

Heavy Duty Gantry Crane

What To Look For As You Are Evaluating These Gantry Cranes

As you look at heavy duty gantry cranes that are currently for sale, you need to notice a couple things. First of all, they can be extremely tall. You will be able to maneuver up above and there should be an area where everything is controlled from a console. They can be shipped right away, in multiple components, and they are going to come in a couple different styles. Some are box shaped, whereas others are going to have what is called a truss structure. Both of these are capable of lifting up to 200 tons apiece.

Other Features You Should Consider Looking At

Some of the other features that you may want to consider will include the lifting height. They can be very tall, clearing 35 m easily. The power supply can be one of three which will include sliding wire, diesel generator, or even a cable reel. Other factors to think about will be how wind resistant they are. You also need to know if they are designed with steel plates on the outside. If this is a truss structure, these are going to be very easy to set up and they will be extremely wind resistant. To learn more, click here

Double Girder Semi Gantry Crane

Double Girder Semi Gantry Crane

Other Gantry Cranes That You May Also Want To Look At

When you see the term heavy duty gantry crane, this is also going to refer to different styles of gantry cranes that are sold. Some of them have already been mentioned. You may want to consider a box shaped crane, but if you are in an area where there are high winds consistently, then a crane with truss girder will be your best choice. The other ones that you should consider will include those that are rail mounted as they are maneuverable. As long as you are getting one with a design that accommodate your needs, stationary or not, you will know how to pick and choose from what they are selling.

If you can get access to one of these heavy duty gantry cranes, it will change things for you significantly. You will be able to take more orders, or allow people to bring more of their cargo into your port so that it can be delivered. The best way to evaluate these companies is to look for reviews. If you can’t find them, is not a problem. You will simply choose a business that is ubiquitous, as well as a company that has been around for many years. All of these factors will contribute to why you will make your purchase. Interested in any type of gantry crane? visit our website¬†

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